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28 icons + PSD [19 Nov 2011|01:06pm]

see more icons + PSD (c) 3psy
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[16 Oct 2011|02:41am]


Hi, we are the new community devoted to photoshop and icons. There are three founders in our community: satinelight, fever_heat and by all. Well, that is why partly we are called 3psy. U can help yourself with the meaning. We are going to publish our works, tutorials and some other stuff. 3psy will consist of not only statics but also animation. We'll be glad to get comments and credits. Stay updated.

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[08 Nov 2009|02:18pm]


01.12 Amazing Race (Episode Titles)
13.20 Doctor Who (The Girl in the Fireplace)
21.32 Jane Eyre (2006)
33.56 Project Runway (Quotes)

57.64 Tristan + Isolde
65.72 White Collar

here at my icon journal.
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[16 Oct 2008|07:36am]

+Alice in Wonderland (Colored illustrations) [11]
+Project Runway [7]
+Other (Persona 3, Strawberry on the Shortcake, Takizawa Hideaki) [6]

( No one really knows just how far she's going to go )

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icons: miscellaneous [15 Oct 2008|07:38pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I just finished watching the season five finale of Project Runway, and it just made me think of my favorite designers. So here is my first batch of Project Runway icons. These include Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Chirstian Siriano [season 4 winner], Daniel Vosovic [season 2 runner-up], and Korto Momolu [season 5 runner-up].
Twenty icons, preview:

See the fierceness in here.Collapse )

Cross-posted at my icon community, thearchersicons.
Join if you'd like to see more icons, it's set to members only.

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Icons. [11 Oct 2008|05:44pm]

Dynasty Warriors: 12
Fashion: 19
Gundam 00: 21
Honey Hunt: 5
Nodame Cantabile: 4
Project Runway: 12
Shinshi Doumei Cross: 13
Random (higurashi, yamapi, pokemon, hyakko, guilty gear, tekken, kuro shitsuji, toradora, gyakuten kenji): 18

Over here @ jumpdrive!
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[26 Sep 2008|02:57pm]

Tegan and sara: 24
Christian Siriano :12
Chris (season 4) :1
Miscellous: 2



more here.
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Just a few of the lovely Stella. [14 Sep 2008|01:18am]


I love your leather face.Collapse )
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[02 Sep 2008|05:39pm]

After being addicted to this series by one of my best friends Sandy and watching PR:Canada, Seasons 1-5 of US PR, and at the moment seeing PR:Australia, I decided, why not make a few icons?
They aren't my best, but then again, I don't have an amazing mentor. When I have someone come to my house telling me to make it work, I WILL MAKE AMAZING PR ICONS.

make it work <3
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season 5 icons [28 Aug 2008|06:14pm]

29 icons of the remaining designers' designs.
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Project Runway Video Blog Up! [28 Jul 2008|12:54pm]


Hi All:

There are two hilarious PR video blogs up! The first Project Runway vlog stars Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana from Project Runway season four! Check the vlogs out here:



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season 5 :) [19 Jul 2008|09:49pm]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

pr season 5
[53] behind the scenes
[18] episode 1: let's start from the beginning

comments are great, and please credit: irrevogavel

more :)Collapse )
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[17 Mar 2008|02:00pm]

Make Me a Supermodel - [15]
Project Runway - [9]
--Christian [2]
--Jack/Christian [4]
--Text Only [2]
The Outsiders - [8]


Moar over here
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[03 Mar 2008|04:13pm]

i was wondering if anybody could make me a few christian icons? i have been searching for forever now and keep coming up empty handed. i'd like for the icons to be simple with no words/text. other than that, go crazy!

thanks a bunch.
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Icon Request [02 Mar 2008|11:49am]

I'm hoping someone here can help me -- I would like a project runway icon. Specifically, I would like some Rami/Chris M. moments. I don't know how to get screen caps or anything, but I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about. A cute little quip would be nice too.

Thanks in advance!
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Two Christian Icons [28 Feb 2008|09:11pm]

I found myself rather bored (and neglecting my history hw) so I whipped up two Christian icons.
Please comment and credit if used!
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10 variations: Christian Siriano [28 Feb 2008|05:29pm]


Challenge (c) 10variations
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[23 Feb 2008|01:49pm]

More here
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44 Project Runway Icons [14 Feb 2008|01:49pm]

94 Multi-Fandom Icons
-44 Project Runway
-7 Juno
-22 Psych
-4 Enchanted
-17 Actors
+11 Heath Ledger
+6 Johnny Depp

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here at my icon journal.
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[08 Feb 2008|02:39am]

Layla El icons, Round 2 for knockout_divas
Number: 1-30
Credit:,, and for the photos
Notes: Credit if taking any. Comments are gold. Blanks not bases.
Appearances: Tim Gunn in 26 and 27. Ricky in 29


(ECW's head bad girl)
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